The entrance to tranzitdisplay is up two steps. The gallery space is in the basement. You can enter it through a staircase with 12 steps and 20 steps separated by a mezzanine. Upon request, you can access the space through the building and use the elevator. 9 steps lead to the elevator and a ramp is available. The elevator door is 80cm, the elevator depth is 200cm. The backdoor to the space is 80cm wide and has a 4cm threshold. There are three gender neutral bathrooms, one of them with a large cabin and two grab bars and 88cm wide door.

Parking near tranzitdisplay is restricted to residents of Prague 2. The closest subway station is Karlovo Náměstí, which is not wheelchair accessible. The nearest wheelchair accessible subway station is Národní třída. Tram stops nearby are Palackého náměstí, Moráň and Jiráskovo náměstí.

All events of tranzitdisplay are free and open to the public. For assistance please call +420 222 516 982 or ring the bell number 12 tranzitdisplay (access through 2 steps upon the building entrance).