Ivars Gravlejs: Prague Biennale 4th (19.5. - 6.6. 2011)

Ivars Gravlejs: Prague Biennale 4th  (19.5. - 6.6. 2011)

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Ivars Gravlejs

Prague Biennale 4th

19.5. - 6.6. 2011
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opening 19.5.  8 - 9.30 p.m.

During 4th Prague Biennale I exchanged two exhibited video works. One video “The best art work in the world”, 2008 by Mexican artist Ruben Gutierrez, another one - “Remake”, 1991 by two Mexican artists Daniel Guzman and Luis Felipe Ortega.
For “The best art work in the world” I used the same sound but I made a new drawings. For “Remake” I asked my friend to do some exercises on the sofa and to walk in the room.
One day I came to Karlin Hall in Prague, entered exhibition space of Prague Biennale, came to DVD players, pressed button OPEN, took the original DVDs out and placed my DVDs prepared at home. After few days the technician found out that there are playing the fake videos and informed abut that the organizers of Biennale.
The organizers didn’t have the copies of the art works and let my DVDs playing until the end of the Biennale (one month and half).