Romafuturismus (19:00) - discussion

Romafuturismus (19:00) - discussion
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Fri, 2017-06-16

This life has been firing missiles at us for so long we have become
We have experiences that have made us strong. This is the moment we are
We don’t fall to our knees, we are unafraid of anything, because we are
INVINCIBLE, (Invincible).’

The refrain of the song ‘Invincible’ by rapper P.A.T. is unfortunately relevant to the recent tragic event in Chomutov, in which a thirty-four-year old Roma was shot for racist reasons. As an abstract metaphor this text approximates to the thinking of Afrofuturism, a movement that arose in the mid-twentieth century and remains as pertinent today.
Afrofuturism depicts a situation in which Afro-Americans only find justice in a cosmic diaspora beyond planet Earth.

This sci-fi scenario was a vision of hope and consolation in the face of ‘white’ oppression.

In the debate we shall examine to what extent the Afrofuturistic concept applies to the Roma people and what aspects of the liberation history of Afro-Americans might inspire us today.

We want to speak of the history of the Roma nation and attempts to rewrite our own history from emancipatory positions, of Roma folk literature in which the Roma is victorious within a fictive setting, and of contemporary Roma rap, which links up to the tradition of black music and by offering a resolution to the situation of Roma ethnicity aims to become an instrument of change here and now.

Ytasha L. Womack (writer and director)
P.A.T (rapper)
Michal Mižigár (specialist in Roma affairs)
Eva Danišová (writer)
Jan Čonka (

moderator: Edita Stejskalová

Organized by the Romafuturismo Library and

Entry is free.

The discussion will be mainly in Czech with some English. The English part will be interpreted.