The Meaning of Internationalism Today (2. 11., 19:00)

The Meaning of Internationalism Today (2. 11., 19:00)
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Thu, 2017-11-02

Speakers: Martin Šaffek, Ondřej Kazík, Ruth Jochanan Weiniger

Moderator: Joseph Grim Feinberg

Do left-wing politics call for international or intercultural solidarity? How should today's left understand the phenomenon of "multiculturalism," whether we understand the term to refer to the long-standing interaction of people with different cultural traditions, or to the arrival of new immigrants? What role have neoliberalism and imperialism played in the fragmentation of communities both in Western countries and in countries from which large numbers of people emigrate, fleeing poverty and war? And what should be the position of the left, which speaks in the name of equality for people in the world? This discussion will open with talks by Martin Šaffek (from the organization Socialist Solidarity), Ondřej Kazík (from the Czech Peace Movement), and journalist and translator Ruth Jochanan Weinger.